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Yorkshire Muddings trip days run at our York site throughout the academic year. A truly unique and memory making experience, giving children up to age 11, the time and space to play and explore imaginatively while being immersed in nature.

A day of outdoor learning at Yorkshire Muddings supports and complements traditional education, allowing children to burst out of the four walls of a nursery or classroom setting and connect with nature, through self-directed play. A trip day at Yorkshire Muddings allows differently abled children, urban and rural children, children with specific learning needs and children from all ethnicities to access an environment which fosters creative, resilient and physically healthy independent learners.

Come down to the woods, see the smiles, hear the laughter, smell the wood smoke and watch your children revel in self-directed play in a rich woodland environment.

Your Yorkshire Muddings Trip

A day at Yorkshire Muddings will provide your children with:

  • Chances to enjoy trying and failing and trying again – embrace challenge and persist in the face of difficulty.
  • Safe risk taking with the support of adults – climbing, swinging, jumping & balancing on equipment, use of hand tools, toasting marshmallows on an open fire.
  • Time to foster a deep, meaningful relationship with adults from their school/nursery
  • Endless opportunities for teamwork and social interactions with peers – perhaps they’ll spend ages trying to work out how to build and complete their own obstacle course, or design and build a throne out of pallets and tyres fit for a Forest King in the digging pit?
  • Full sensory immersion in nature – the visuals, smells, surfaces, tastes and sounds of a day in the woods.
  • A healthy, play focused outdoor adventure for children to discover their own strengths and aptitudes – a true lesson in self-confidence.

A day at Yorkshire Muddings will provides your setting with:

Exclusive use of our secure, private woodland in Stamford Bridge, York, with a car park for drop off and pick up

  • L3 Forest School and Experienced Primary Teacher Led sessions and activities
  • Paediatric, Forest School First Aid trained Yorkshire Muddings members of staff on site
  • Tailored, focussed Forest School themed activities pertinent to age and needs of your children during carousel time.
  • Use of all free play equipment including hammocks, large, well-stocked mud kitchen, obstacle course, tyre rolling & slack line to name just a few!
  • Fire Time – a favourite Forest School experience – including story time, marshmallow toasting and end of day reflection led by Yorkshire Mudding staff.
  • About the day/What to wear Yorkshire Muddings Literature to pass to parents.
  • 1x site visit for staff prior to trip day to support you in planning and preparing for your day in the woods.

What you Need to Know about a Yorkshire Mudding Trip

  • Full day trip or half day trip available
  • Maximum 30chn per session
  • Focussed activity time and all resources required
  • Hot drinks for all staff throughout the day
  • Exclusive use of private  woodland
  • Literature to pass to parents regarding children’s clothing and directions to site if parents are dropping off on trip day

A typical Yorkshire Muddings Trip Day

Your trip day begins at 9:30am where our team will greet you at the drop off point and guide you and your forest adventurers along the woodchip path, down into the setting.

We’ll gather under the canopy for a quick chat about the day, led by the Yorkshire Muddings team, before the children are free to explore. Your children may choose to practice their balancing on the slack line, swing in the hammocks with friends or role play in our extensive mud kitchen area.

Mid-morning we’ll split into groups to take part in a carousel of activities. Ahead of the day, the Yorkshire Muddings team will provide staff with a list of possible activities for this time and you can choose which you think will best suit and engage your children.

At lunchtime we’ll call all children and adults back together to enjoy a picnic lunch under the canopy, ensuring hands are thoroughly washed.

In the afternoon, children are free to go back and continue their work of play. Perhaps they are determined to get from one side of the obstacle course to the other without losing balance or they may have the confidence to explore an area of the woods they were at first unsure of. This is the time when determination and self confidence comes into its own.

The last hour of the day is reserved for lighting the fire. Everyone will gather round and watch it being lit, listening to a story as it gets to just the right marshmallow toasting temperature. In small groups, children will be invited to come closer and use long handles forks to toast their marshmallow, with the Yorkshire Muddings team supporting them to squish it between 2 biscuits to make the perfect s’more. The perfect sweet and sticky snack!

Before we say goodbye at 2:30pm we’ll reflect on all the challenges and successes of a day in the woods, inviting staff and children to share their thoughts. We hope everyone will leave us tired, happy, perhaps a little muddy and full of new experiences that will provide endless benefits in well-being, health and lifelong learning.  

This is a Yorkshire Muddings Trip Day

Book a Yorkshire Muddings Trip

We’d love to hear all about your plans for a full or half day trip to Yorkshire Muddings. Email with a brief overview of what you’d need so we can give you the most accurate price and dates.

Let us know:

  • School/nursery name and age range of children
  • Term/Month you are wanting to attend and any specific day preference
  • Number of children and adults attending
  • Whole/half day session needed or multiple sessions/days for larger settings
  • What you hope to achieve from a day trip to Yorkshire Muddings
  • Let us know if you will be travelling by coach or asking parents to drop off 

Yorkshire Muddings Trip Payment Schedule

  • 50% deposit to secure booking
  • 50% invoiced after trip day

Should Yorkshire Muddings need to cancel a trip day due to inclement weather, we will endeavour to rearrange at the earliest, mutually agreeable date. If this is not possible, your school or nursery will receive a full refund.

Yorkshire Muddings Trip Days FAQs

Where are Yorkshire Muddings school/nursery trips held?

Yorkshire Muddings @ Stamford Bridge, York  - there's no postcode but you can find us using What3Words: unlocking.obtain.exhales


What are the arrival and departure times for a whole day trip at Yorkshire Muddings?

Arrival 9:30am Depart 2:30pm


How many children and staff can we accommodate at Yorkshire Muddings?

Up to 30 children per session and a minimum of 5 school/nursery adults.


Can we do morning/afternoon only sessions?

Yes. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Can we send one class/group of children in the morning and a different class/group in the afternoon?

Yes. Just let us know in your booking request


What facilities are on site?

There is a toilet and handwashing station. We provide hot drinks for staff throughout the day – please bring your own insulated mugs. A large, secure car park.


What do the children and adults need to wear?

This is the woods and depending on the season it can be muddy! We recommend wellies, walking boots or in Summer, trainers, layers including a waterproof coat, hat and gloves depending on the time of year and comfortable clothes.


We have a child/children/staff with specific allergies – can you accommodate?

As part of the booking process we will ask for a list of any known allergies (staff and children). We aim to be as inclusive as possible and will strive to accommodate all children and staff where possible. However, this is a woodland setting so we cannot eradicate allergy risks entirely.


We have a child/children with specific physical and/or learning needs – can you accommodate?

We regularly have children with a range of physical and learning needs attending sessions. As part of the booking process we will ask for any specific details and work with you to ensure all children can be included on trips.