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About Us

It started as a pipe dream...

...we wanted to take our young children out to play in the woods, to let them run wild and enjoy imaginative play in a natural setting. Yes, we could go to parks but we wanted to create an experience for them, core memories that associate playing outside in nature with being happy, joyful and free.

And so, Yorkshire Muddings was born.

Created and run by a trained Level 3 Forest School leader and an experienced primary school teacher, alongside a team of other highly qualified and experienced educational professionals, we are passionate about creating classrooms without walls and letting children be children outside in the wild.

It is a privilege to meet the wonderful parents and children who are so keen to enjoy proper outdoor play! 

There is, after all, so much joy to be had and memories to be made when we go back to our roots.

We can’t wait to see you in the woods soon!

Team Muddings x